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Condé Nast Prepares Its Top Magazines For The Apple iPad

Written on March 01, 2010 by AllWeLike

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Top magazine publishing company Condé Nast plans to create iPad versions of its leading magazines such as Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Glamour and is expected to announce it in an internal memorandum on Monday.

By April, will have its debut issue for the . An iPhone application is already out on the market and it already sold more than 15,000 copies of the January issue and just about 7,000 of the December Issue. and are set to launch theirs on June while and will have their issues sometime this summer.

Mr. Wallace said that once the company had figured out what worked and what did not on the iPad, it would think about digitizing other . “If we are happy with the results that we get, we’ll be ready to go in the fall,” he said.

Their market was one of the key points in choosing which magazine to launch. “They are representative of the company, right? GQ is men. Glamour is women. Vanity Fair is a dual audience. The New Yorker is unique with its periodicity, and therefore it’s also more news- or text-heavy, and it’s a slightly older audience,” said , editorial director of .

Top technology magazine Wired is working on a reader project with while other magazines will be developed internally and will be available in non iTunes format. “We’re taking a two-track approach partly because we want to learn everything that we can,” said president of Condé Nast Digital, Sarah Chubb. The company’s plans to sell the digital magazine through iTunes will limit its access to consumer data, but they’re confident that there are other ways to acquire this valuable information.   “There are opportunities within the application if you give the consumer a good reason to register,” said Ms. Chubb.

The company plans to concentrate in testing its prices, the advertising strategy and work more ways in digitizing the magazines for several months and hopes to finalize its testing in the fall. The “We need to know a little bit more about what kind of a product we can make, how consumers will respond to it, what the distribution system will be,” said editorial director of Condé Nast, Thomas J. Wallace.

During its period of testing, the company will figure out what work and what didn’t and then decide on digitizing other magazines. “If we are happy with the results that we get, we’ll be ready to go in the fall,” said Mr. Wallace.

While the company had not decided on the appearance of the ads, they are concentrating ways to present them that will enable to click through the item and go straight to buying them.  “What we’re looking at right now is what kind of ad units for a phone and iPad would optimize the experience for a consumer,” said Ms. Chubb “As an example, if you’re a fashion retailer or a fashion advertiser who also has an e-commerce store, how can we make the simple fact that you can click through to an item and buy it kind of great? How do you romance it a little bit more?”

The company’s president and chief executive of  Condé Nast, said that the company was being public about its plans for this project to take a leadership position. “We feel confident enough that consumers will want our content in this new format that we are committing the resources necessary to be there,” he said. “How large a revenue stream digitized content represents is an answer we hope to learn through this process.”

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