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3D Anywhere, Everywhere — The Nintendo 3DS with a 3D Camera

Written on July 02, 2010 by B Waldorf

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After a long wait, Nintendo is now showing off its new "baby", The Nintendo 3DS. Which enables you bring 3D wherever you go. Let's you play and surf on hot spots around the globe. It shows of even more wonderful features than Wii. A must-have gadget for gadget freaks like you.

After surfing for like ages, and browsing for zillions of times, looking over the image of the FCC Prototype with a microscope, at long last is showing off its at E3’s press conference. The same company that brought us Bros. will make you believe that the glass-free technology is much better than the others, unraveling a solution that gives you gaming wherever you go. The Upper screen is exceptional with its 3.5 inches, not wider than what we almost wished. On the side is a slider that is tweaked into a 3D effect, enabling you to adjust the depth based on a specific distance from the screen – or to shut it off. As for the current Dual Screen or , the bottom screen is only a touch screen, nothing more and nothing less.

There is a seemingly analog stick on the side commonly known as the Slide Pad. There is a gyro motion sensor compatible to DSi and two cameras enabling 3D photos, sleek and shiny 3D. With a 3D camera. It would be a wise choice and a choice that will make you throw your good old DS. Nintendo is also considering a partnership with Disney, with the games that can be played today, at the show, with an awesome highlights as being a new Kid Icarus which is a real action packed – with definitely better graphics than of titles Nintendo has brought us so far. Nintendo mentioned that the 3DS will gain the “biggest launch support ever” from the third party developments, and a 3D should be a huge seller – it has cats too. The games include Madden, Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil, a Batman title, Splinter Cell, and, finally, a Metal Gear Solid entry.

Nintendo is pointing out about how the new system will seek out WiFi hot spots and other 3DS systems “without you knowing,” which sounds a bit dangerous to its users because of the privacy of your device. The System can communicate regardless of any games being used by the owner. It can even hitch in a new DLC directly from other game consoles “without having to pay a monthly fee.”

There is still no news about when or how much is it going to be, but Nintendo is more or less giving us a sneak peak showing off two available colors, red and blue, and can be played on the show floor.

With all its features, Nintendo 3DS will surely conquer the game minds of the Masters.

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