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Amazon Kindle DX, Revamped!

Written on July 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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From technical improvements to great price cut, the Kindle DX is definitely turned anew. But will it be incomparable against iPad this time?

Trying to steer itself clear from Apple’s iPad, Amazon came out with a redesigned Kindle DX last Thursday. With shipping that will start on July 7, the 9.7-inch reader now has about 50% higher contrast and with darker more legible fonts. At a 1200×824 display that can auto-rotate to fit landscape pages, the DX is still regarded as Amazon’s pro-reader. Plus it has a larger storage at 4GB and a PDF support for its entire life. The battery life can last up to a week with a 3G on and doubles it life with a 3G off. But the largest change ever made with kindle DX is its price. From $489 (US), DX dropped its price tag to $379 (US). And the 3G remains free for a lifetime.

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