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AT&T Gets 73% Satisfaction Rate From iPhone Users

Written on July 31, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Interestingly, the latest survey for AT&T's approval rate reveals that most iPhone customers are satisfied with the network's service. "Most users" really say a lot for a network that has been plagued by negative press since the release of iPhone way back three years ago.

Despite signal loss or weakness and other network-related issues, ’s three-year exclusive carrier manages to collect a 73% satisfaction rate from the phone’s subscribers. According to a survey conducted by the Yankee Group, this almost-a-third bunch of say they are very satisfied with the network. The survey also reveals that 77% of would still repeat their purchases, given that negative feedbacks have surrounded the three-year service of to Apple’s undisputed breakthrough mobile product.

The high approval ratings are not the sole basis for assessing AT&T, however, because iPhone is a natural stunner that its users can have the tendency to dispel their disapproval for the carrier. calls this the “halo effect” – a tendency to see reality in a distorted way. To back up this theory, another result from a different study was sought. It is more likely for iPhone users to approve of AT&T’s operations than for other AT&T subscribers to do so.

While only 20% of rival Google Android powered smartphone users are willing to buy the same phone again, in contrast to the 77% of iPhone users, the network have been predicted to lose half of its customers if Verizon became an additional carrier for iPhone. With all these facts, figures and theories, will you give an “approving” or “disapproving” thumb to AT&T? Tell us what you think.

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