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Barbie goes Techie!

Written on July 19, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Meet the techie Barbie doll. The all-time favorite doll of young girls is now equipped with camcorder and LCD screen.

If you are already a grown up who used to love , save yourself for all the envy and jealousy you will feel towards the kids. For your favorite is now going techie. Yes, you read it right. Techie. With its new Barbie Video Girl .

Barbie has taken a new career as a video maker, star, director and editor – joined Foursquare to celebrate her new Video Girl ambition.

Barbie, as a celeb on Foursquare user, will be using the equipment to fashion location-based scavenger hunts as she travels from U.S. To San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and NY on her summer get-a-way. She’ll be in Twitter to tweet out her messages, photos and video clues.

The official promo starts July 20 and will assign scavenger hunt participants to complete on-location tasks – such as checking in on Foursquare and show them to ’s street team, who will be on hand and upright to award the winner in each city with a Barbie Video Girl doll.

The Barbie Video Girl doll is not just your ordinary doll. It is equipped with a video camera and an LCD screen and a pink USB data cable (wow!). You can use these technologies to record your videos. Video time has a maximum of 25 minutes, which is not bad at all. Not only that, there is also a software (free download) to edit your little movie, complete with video transition, effects and sounds. The doll is designed to entice young girls on video production. This may be an early start for young girls to choose their careers behind the camera.

The doll and the Foursquare scavenger hunt shows that Mattel is open to digital and social media.

Watch this to find out how Barbie Girl goes techie:

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