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“Despicable Me” Conquered the Box Office Weekend

Written on July 12, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Only a villain as despicable as Gru can make it to the box office without shrinking the moon. But he can never make it without the help of his little, yellow cronies called Minions.

Universal Picture’s hit the top chart last weekend with its $60.1 million (US) ticket sales from over 3,000 theaters in its weekend opening. The first from stars the voice of as ‘,’ a frustrated villain that plans to steal the moon until three orphan girls came into his life.

The Distribution Head of Universal, Nikki Rocco, says that the movie exceeded the studio’s expectations for an opening weekend. He believes that a number of factors such as jokes for the kids, humor for grown-ups, and heartwarming story for adults worked in favor of the movie. But it’s the tiny, yellow, pin-head like that the audience find really appealing.

Had only Rocco know what they really had, he would have said that they are looking forward to a $50 million earning for the opening.

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