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Face Detection on Facebook

Written on July 02, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Are you tired of tagging your friends one by one on Facebook? Here is a new information about our favorite social networking site. After its phenomenon, Facebook is now testing a new application called the face detection technology for Facebook Photos. The first of the series of new features of one of the most famous photo product.

Admit it. We are all addicts.Because, well, unlike , allows you to your on the you uploaded. This will show on their “” and let everyone see how you love your friend (or hate).  However the hassle is like gazillion launching itself upon your fingertips. And because Facebook loves us, they are launching something that we’ll all fall for.

Are you tired of your friends one by one on Facebook?  Here’s the latest about our favorite networking site that users we’ll surely love.

Facebook is now testing a that enables face detection technology for Facebook Photos. The first of the series of features made by Facebook Photos.

Currently, the users upload their photos, click on it and tag their friends in the photo, all of which, one-by-one. This is a tedious work especially to those who frequently add new albums to their profiles . To give solution to this Facebook fanatics’ dilemma, Facebook developers has implemented the “face detection technology” that automatically identifies the faces in photos, selects them and gives us no sweat “tagging” on Facebook. Your Facebook friends are already selected by the software itself, all you have to do is answer an easy question —

“Whose Face is This?”

The software used is the same that are on digital cameras today. The technology may not be all new but definitely an intelligent addition to the Facebook features set.

The developers also promises that face detection is only one of the many improvements that are being tested now. The posts about these new features were posted by one of the co-founders of Divvyshot, which was acquired by Facebook last April in order to give a revamp on the Photo products.

Is face recognition enough to make photo uploads on Facebook fast and easy? What other features do you want Facebook to implement?

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