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Facebook After Death: What Now?

Written on July 23, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Facebook helps you to connect with people you might know. But to connect with someone who already passed away, that's a different story because Facebook don't know either.

Most people assume that after death, ’s interaction with one’s life will be over. Well, think again. ’s feature of attempting to connect users can have a creepy side effect. Since has no way of knowing whether an inactive user just passed away, it can still prompt you to connect with that user!

The bothering part here is that Facebook has no way of being aware of this. The social network site doesn’t have a connection with the national birth and death registrars. Apparently, they have a “Report a Deceased Person’s Profile” form, but not many users  know about this. Besides, the form is more likely to be abused for practical jokes.

Suggestions given were that the networking site must have a button similar to “like” or “comment”, in the form of “Is this person dead?”. Another one is that Facebook servers must be able to scan wall posts and comments for terms like “We will miss you” or “Rest in Peace.” This feature is more likely to succeed especially if the account is flagged afterwards for inspection.

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