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Google Alarm Alerts You Against Google Schemes

Written on July 30, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Google may be following your activities on the net and there is a plugin dedicated to make aware of it - with every single click. Wait for the alarm to crank...and beware Google, the Google Alarm has come.

It is already annoying to know that some sites are tracking your personal data and sending them in to servers. Well, there is a new browser add-on for your Chrome and Firefox that delivers the annoying message together with a much more annoying vuvula noise. Hear it, folks (insert vuvula sound here) – the Alarm is on.

This latest plugin developed by Jamie Wilkinson notifies you whenever Google is monitoring your web visits. Wilkinson shares how it works: “[It] inspects each page you visit for Google-related URLs: for Google Analytics, URLs for AdSense, for YouTube embeds, and many more.” The alarm sets off once it detects your browsing is being dispatched to the bigtime search engine.

Wilkinson also reveals that almost 80% of the sites he visited were Google-tracked. The bugs used to extract web user info came from the search company itself. Wilkinson mentioned that the online company has evolved into a “ubiquitous and omniscient force”, but it is not a reason for it to collect such information beyond regulation.

Technology such as promises to help you handle these Google issues on your own. Check out this video if you are interested to know more about this new plugin:

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