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Hermione Says Goodbye to Bloody Hands

Written on July 01, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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In one trailer, Emma Watson's hands is all bloody. The next, it was all rated R.

Once again, Harry Potter’s girl side kick – – proved to us that she is indeed a talented witch. If not because of the queer eyes of some Potterheads in Mugglenet, no one can see that Hermione’s (played by ) hands became clean in the recent trailer of “.” When in fact, it was all bloody in the trailer that appeared on the DVD bootleg of  “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.”

Warner Brothers, the studio behind the Harry Potter movie installments didn’t have an official comment as to why the change occurred. But according to Peter Scittera of, Warner Bros. cleaned up the clip for theatrical trailer due likely to Motion Pictures Association of America’s strict restrictions against blood in green band trailers. So could it be possible that Warner Bros. is doing this to keep the film rating lower than R of PG-13?

Nevertheless, with or without Hermione’s bloody hands, no one can stop the die hard fans to see the finale of the world wide phenomenon in theaters this November.

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