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History Untold – 5 Forgotten Cellphones

Written on July 12, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Lately, too much cellphones were being invented. And many others were being thrown up. Shocking but in our history, there were those who failed to be on top or even on market for a month. These Cellphones were clearly forgotten by history.

Lately, too much were being invented. And many others were being thrown up. These were clearly forgotten by history.

There are lots of fallen celebs and now, I’ll list down 5 (five) of them. They now rest in peace, defunct, forgotten and a part of history. Taken at a young age, not until they are due.

This is the phone that would recognize handwriting and turn it into a letter. Not many were fascinated with the new feature it has to offer.

It was stopped in 2004. The first Nokia touch screen that looked like N-Gage. That’s why it failed.

The first of three Samsung’s on the list, the Ford-sounding F520 has a split personality slider. It was one of the company’s first touchscreen devices but never saw the success of Samsung’s later handsets.

Samsung Watchphone
Ah, the watchphone. Since the days of Dick Tracy we’ve been waiting for this type of communications device. Sadly, this $900 was too expensive and too limited for the mainstream.

Samsung T700
Let’s talk about gross. It looks like a make-up case and it doesn’t do any charm. That’s why it was dead before it was even alive.

If ever you have those kind of phones or cellphones that you think might be on the list feel free to list them down. Let’s just wish that they are now in a much better place.

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