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Five Most Loved WYSIWYG HTML Editors

Written on July 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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HTML is something that you should learn if you're into web designing. But when you're not a fan of it, there's what we call HTML editors that you will surely love.

For someone who’s into creating websites, learning HTML is a must. But for beginners, a with a WYSIWYG platform is very appealing. Many HTML editors nowadays can give you the best of both worlds. You can hand-edit your code if you like, or you can work with the WYSIWIG editor if you’re not a fan of HTML.

The reason why many love Kompozer is because of a four-letter word spelled F-R-E-E. Aside from the zero price tag, it is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Kompozer offers tabbed editing where you can WYSIWYG edit in one tab and do raw HTML coding in the other. It also showcases on-the-fly editing with the help of a built-in FTP manager, and a highly customizable interface with easily modified toolbars. Kompozer also contains a markup cleaner and you can validate your HTML against current standards with the help of the W3C call function.

If you’re the type of person that would least likely to learn HTML but would love to whip up a functional website, iWeb is for you! This WYSIWYG HTML editor bundled with iLife is a drag-and-drop type that permeates Apple’s number of polished templates and website widgets. With iWeb’s built-in manager, you can easily published your work to multiple websites or just keep a queer eye on your digital portfolio.

DreamWeaver is definitely the tycoon in WYSIWYG editing since 1997. It offers hybrid editing where you can work on WYSIWYG alone, or hard coding your designs, or you can work on both simultaneously using a dual-pane environment. It is very extensible with its dozens of free and commercial plug-ins – from web effects and widgets to shopping carts and image galleries – available.


The current product of Microsft in the WYSIWYG battel field, Expression Web has a separate engine from Interner Explorer and is compliant with a wide range of current web standards. It highlight code errors and con-compliant code, has a CSS editor, and it features Search Engine Optimization where you can get tips to make your website’s crawling up better in the search engine ranking.

With a price of $75 (US), you can get a powerful Mac-based WYSIWYG editor. With Flux, you can edit everything from margins and paddings to over all size of your web elements, and even altering the CSS code with simple mouse movement. Just like the DreamWeaver, it offers dual-pane editing and it supports third-party plugins available for download through Flux Application.

So now, which WYSIWYG editor do you think will suit your needs?

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