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The Newest Kind of Internet Theft in iTunes

Written on July 04, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Your iTunes user account might be hacked, or your Apple App ranking gone low. Either way, you should beware!

Due to the rapid down ranking of some Apple App developer in what seems to be an abnormal manner, one investigation leads to another. The app developers found out that 40 out of 50 book apps featured in the US store were created by the same app publisher Thuat Nguyen. Interesting enough, many Apple ID users are reporting that their accounts are being compromised. How can these events be related to one another?

The said 40 applications that is now sky rocketing the app store are the type of application that wouldn’t rank in the Books category. What’s more menacing is that two reviewers of a certain Conan 3 app complains that their account has been hacked. Theoretically speaking, this publisher is hacking user accounts to mass purchase his applications in order to rank up. This causes negative impact to other app developer because their product is being pushed down. The criminal activity at hand makes the iPhone app customers as victims and the developers of legitimate applications as a collateral damage.

It is not yet clear whether the problem is a part of a larger security breach, but one thing is for sure – Apple is having another threat for their AppStore Ecosystem. For now, Apple suggests that iTunes users must check their accounts for unusual transactions and report it immediately if found.

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