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Kindle Makes Hardcovers Kiss the Ground

Written on July 29, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Kindle eBook sales have changed dramatically for the last half-year, and still sales-wise, hardcovers are having a hard time beating it. Even book-lovers are taking part in it - welcome to the dawn of digital revolution, baby.

We are slowly, yet steadily, saying goodbye to good old . From the recordbreaking sales of more than real books last Christmas, keeps on hitting high-water figures during the last quarter. are now running behind in sales, as recorded by Amazon.

This rise of revenues in eBook-selling has become the trend. More readers started shifting preferences – from storing copies that take up shelf space to downloading copies that fill up hard drives. Kindle even pushed the bar a little higher by promising to deliver your books in 60 seconds. That is a feat that a bookstore cannot yet offer, even online bookstores, for that matter.

Discounts on prices have also contributed to the shoot-up of . With the arrival of iPad and other eBook readers, Kindle has secured a spot in the market through these price markdowns. Its longevity may also rely mostly on through its stores, rather than the selling of the gadgets themselves.

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