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Access Mac Media with Your PlayStation3

Written on July 30, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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You can now access your media on Mac via PS3 with a breeze. Thanks to Yazsoft's newest technology called Playback. Now, Mac users can have a UPnP server of their own.

Life just got easier for users who wants to access with their PlayStation 3. One of ’s many features is the ability to access the like photo, video and music from other devices, with the help of Universal Plug and Play (). PS3 recognizes a Windows PC instantly so it’s not a big problem anymore. On the other hand though, Mac users find it difficult to get a server set up for the console to recognize. Good things there’s ’s .

The application automatically integrates with your media applications — like iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture — after you download and run Playback for the first time. Playback sets up a UPnP server, which your PS3 can connect to straight away, with just a simple click of the Start button. You can even customize what Playback sends to the PS3. Just open Playback and go to your desired tab, check the boxes to turn the media on or off depending on how you want them to stream. It can also use Growl notifications to tell you when a device connects to its server. You can either allow or deny access from other devices under the Access tab. More precise access control is even allowed by setting the exact media that you want to be available for each device.

Playback is available as a 7 day trial or a three licenses bundle that costs $15 from the Yazsoft’s website.

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