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Where is Mad Max?

Written on July 16, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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George Miller promised us a Mad Max movie two years ago. But where is Mad Max?

It was two years ago when revealed that he will be making a new movie. The God of War 2 director , on the other hand, would be making the game accompaniment. Where have all these plans went?

The film and the game are intertwined. The film crew, game crew, even the crew working on the accompanying anime are supposed to be working on the story together. The problem is… the film project is not yet ready to have its full steam ahead.

According to , the man that will play the role of Max, the studio has pushed the work back a little. The sources close to the project says that it is due to the fact that what was once a single movie becomes two. Splitting the movie into twi caused the filming to be delayed until 2011.

Major changes to the film means huge alteration to the game. These aren’t easy to work around especially that the game team is not the film team. Keep your fingers crossed that these delays are just challenges to Barlog and the rest of his team and something that would not kill the whole project.

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