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Nano-poplar: The Computer Memory Fabrication of the Future

Written on July 27, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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We will no longer need rare earth elements to make powerful computers in the future. We can use proteins from poplar trees to expand silicon chip's computer memory.

Poplar will be the next element in creating powerful in the future. Israeli Engineers have figured out a way to use protein molecules from poplars in improving computer . According to the researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, are combined with poplar proteins. This approach marks a new way in minimizing memory elements while increasing its capacity.

The technology involves a genetically engineered poplar proteins, hybridized with the . This is attached to the inner pore of the protein. Then, the poplar pores are arranged in array of molecular memory elements. Professor Danny Porath, the leader of the research team at the Institute of Chemistry at Hebrew University, found that the elements can carry stable computing activity. The research team hopes that this can be an alternative to the current computer memory fabrication.

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