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Nexus One: Dead after Six Months

Written on July 22, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Apple sold a million units of iPhone after a short span of time. While Google sold only 135,000 units of its Nexus One.

will discontinue selling the Android-packing, iPhone killer after its dismal sales report of 135,000. What’s so disheartening about it? only managed to sell a number of units on the same time frame that Apple sold a million. The company had enough and called it quits. End of the story? Well, almost.

On July 16, the company announced that it received its final order from HTC – the phone’s manufacturer. But don’t fuzz! The whole Android ecosystem is in a safe place. For one, Android is out pacing . Unfortunately though, the Nexus One is a Google Phone, not a simple Android phone.

Another thing to be glad about, is that the product is not totally gone forever. Customers in Europe and Korea will still be able to grab a hold of Nexus One. Plus, customer service will still be provided for Nexus One even after it’s no longer available.

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