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Old School for iPad — How to play SNES on your iPad

Written on July 12, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The iPad can play 3D games and labyrinth-like mobile applications, but if you're old school you would want to install an emulator on your device for the classic gaming.

The can play 3D games and labyrinth-like mobile applications, but if you’re old school you would want to install an emulator on your device for the classic gaming.

Sure things you will need:

  • iPad (obviously)
  • iPad//iPod Sync Cable
  • A , Windows, or Linux Computer

Now if you have those tools, let’s get the party started!

Step One: !

Your device should be jail broken so we can access everything. To do this thing, get yourself a copy of Spirit Jailbreak. It surely works for ipad iOS 3.2, runs with Mac, Windows and Linux that requires just a single click Before doing this you should be aware that first, you iPad can be broken. If the process was not done properly. Meaning there is no issue of repair after the process. Though its rare you should be aware and don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. Next is that you have to back up your files since they may be deleted. If all is good let’s start.

Quit iTunes and open Spirit Jailbreak, it’ll inform you that it sensed the iPad. If the program is ready, click the jailbreak button, when its done there is a close button icon. Don’t click it it will restart the process, just hit quit.

If everything went well, you should now have a jailbroken iPad with Cydia installed (it should show up somewhere on your home screen after you jailbreak). As easy as that.

Step Two: Download 4iphone

When Cydia is already installed, you will find it somewhere on your home screen. Launch the app and choose “Cydia store: Products” wait until loaded. The screen will be filled up with lots of For Pay apps. SNES4iPhone is one of them and pay it for whooping $6 only. Click on “purchase” located at the upper right hand corner you will be then prompt to activate a Google account or Facebook account and then how will you pay the purchased item.

There are a couple of ways to load games onto your iPad for use with emulators. The first way is to SSH into your iPad and copy the ROMs over. Your ROMs are stored here:


For SNES there will be another directory inside of ROMs called SNES (assuming you’ve launched snes4iphone already). If you have other emulators, it’s likely their ROM directories will be here as well.

Alternatively, you can browse for ROMs online (or upload yours and put the link into snes4iphone) and download them directly onto your iPad by going to the Browse section of snes4iphone and clicking Search in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step Four: Syncing the Wiimote

Syncing the Wiimote is very easy. What your going to do is open up snes4iPhone, click the options panel, turn on the Wiimote support, relaunch snes4iPhone and you’ll see that it is searching for the Wiimote. Hold the 1 & 2 buttons of your Wiimote and you’ll be set.

If you find you’re running into problems you should turn off your iPad’s Bluetooth in your iPad’s settings. This may seem counterintuitive, but because snes4iphone uses another method to connect to Bluetooth devices (btstack) your iPad’s Bluetooth software may interfere.

Alternatives: SNES HD

This is not the only option that we have for playing SNES games on your iPad, you are also not limited to just one console. Cydia has other emulators (NES, N64, etc.), many of which contain Wiimote support, that you can download. If you have an iPad or and would prefer to use that as a controller instead of a Wiimote, you can do that with SNES HD (follow the instructions on that page for adding the necessary source to Cydia to download it). Be aware that you’ll need a to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch in order to use it as a controller. Spirit may be able to take care of that for you as well, but it doesn’t support every iPhone and iPod touch so be sure to check before you dive in.

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