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A Bright Future for Online Socialization

Written on July 06, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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We can create, nurture, and gear up a relationship over the internet. Can it still be like this for the next ten years?

Based from the survey results of the and on the future of , the online community has a bright future that can go on for the next decade. Most Internet specialists believed that the Internet is going to add to the texture and mood of social interactions and not the other way around. And 85% out of the nearly 900 “technology stake holder and critics” who responded to the opt-in survey agree that the effects of online world will remain positive for the next ten years.

According to experts; email, social networks, and other online tools lower the friction of creating, enhancing, and rediscovering social ties that give people’s lives a difference. Because of the Internet, traditional communication constraints such as cost, geography and time is decreased. Some people noted that it costs less money and time communicate, resulting cultivating more relationships. The Internet-based communications remove previously perceived constraints such as geography. Another thing is that it supports sharing of open information that brings people together.

Though tools such as email and social networks can also be used in harmful ways, still most participants is elated with the fact that social connectivity is being hyped up globally online. It all seems that people are just beginning to talk about the ways on how communications are created, cultivated, and carry on in a nearly “frictionless” mode.

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