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SharpEnviro: The Next Windows Desktop Replacement

Written on July 05, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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People say it's the smart windows desktop replacement. Let's see what makes this app slick and stylish.

The first thing you should note is that the – dubbed as “SharpE” – is still in beta and is a work in progress. But the SharpE can take your Windows desktop and remix it beautifully! The version 0.7, which is the current unstable version, is now available for download – in beta – for Windows System only. By default, it doesn’t change your Explorer, and the application Windows offers to navigate directories and manage windows. And it seems that you can swap your file manager with SharpE.

SharpE’s Crisp-Looking Specs

In the upper-left corner of the tool bar, you can find from left to right a tool bar configuration, the “SharpE Launcher” as a substitute for your Start Menu, a general SharpE configuration tool, a sticky note launcher, and the tools for launching a command window. From this tool bar, you can also see a command running from a “Run” dialog box and the system monitor for CPU usage and RAM. Condensing the Start Menu’s function into one menu offering, the SharpE is extremely minimal. It also offers a roll-over menu for next page in case your program list extends beyond suitable screen length.

A bunch of useful system tools can be found at the upper-right corner of the tool bar. There are volume and player controls that you can get by default, along with the neat-looking buttons that can switch and open any popular media players. Beside the system tools, to the right, is the calculator, the command prompt, the Task Manager, and the WordPad.

In the lower-left panel, you’ll find another tool bar configuration widget, two virtual desktop buttons, a notepad, a file explorer launcher, and your task bar. Your Windows will glow green or blue when calling your attention or if it is being updated.

The system tray expands all of its icons by default. And though it is the same size as that of a standard , the tool bar can be a little harder to get at because it is thinner and lower. Nevertheless, there is a pop-up window button on the left side that shows every applications you’ve got running and its undergoing process.

As mentioned earlier, you can remix the SharpE beautifully. And it integrates best with customization tool – a desktop customization platform.

For something that makes such deep changes for Windows, the SharpEnviro seems to be a pretty stable product. The launcher menu, task bar, system tray, desktop – everything – gets some work. Check it out!

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