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The British Monarchy Joins Flickr and Still Misses the Point

Written on July 29, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Interestingly, the British Monarchy has employed social media in the recent years. What is curious is how this institution has never gotten fully into the social part of it all.

This is not the first bid of the , an institution steeped in its own traditions, in crossing a digital threshold. Way back two years ago, it created a profile on YouTube. Its Twitter remains on working status, servicing a little over 50,000 followers. And just recently, hundreds of Royal Family photos have been launched on to .

The Flickr profile houses wide-ranging sets of photos, with each family member designated his or her own set. There are photos of the queen when she was a baby, when she and Prince Albert were getting married, and when she went to state visits across the Atlantic. Aside from specific sets, there are sets for general purposes like “Royal Events” or “Latest News”. The official Monarchy site also uses the same categories.

While there is an invitation for bloggers to embed and share the urls, there is no room given for them to use the photos based on creative Commons licensing. All photos are watermarked “© Press Association”.

The case for being “anti-social” in the use of social media is the same with the other accounts. The direct messaging feature on Twitter is off and comments are not allowed on YouTube. Although the latter publishes the activities of the family such as speeches and interviews, this and the other accounts are mainly publishing tools for the Buckingham Palace news and updates.

Interestingly, the Monarchy’s use of media has been effective, but it fails along the social line. The owner of the accounts, or what these accounts represent, remains aloof in its dealings with the digital world. It keeps its silence and maintains its distance from the rest of us, and this is why we keep on asking, why do they keep on missing the point for years now?


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