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The Crap-Gadgets

Written on July 29, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Holy ! When you can make it, it doesn’t naturally mean you should make it. Was I amazed with technology or annoyed? I saw these and well I don’t know if I will laugh at it or get totally mad. Because, Who would have thought that a and a usb charging device will come handy? Or maybe that will make you look like a role playing pervert kitten? Or a plushy teddy bear for ? Unfortunately, they did, and this is what they made.

High Vision Korea thought that making a USB toothbrush-slash-sanitizer is good. And they made . Well hey guys, the answer is NO its not. Eventhough it offers this multi-tasking Ultraviolet charging plus kills 99.9% of germs or freshens our breath, that will never make it cool. Its useless. Imagine an UltraViolet Toothbrush that promises 99.9% germ-free, how geeky is that?

Another addition to the so called innovation, is Thanko’s earphones. Everyone would think of it as so “” or cute. Well if you are reading it with maturity, Who would walk on the streets wearing and tell everyone that those were earphones? No one. And I really don’t know why did they developed something like that? You’re like a lurking Perv Kitten on the Streets.

Next in line is the Teddy speakers. First of all children wouldn’t listen to Akon or whoever while hugging this plushy, next is, its bulky and you cannot go around partying on the streets holding this Teddy as speakers. Everyone will think you are a “freak” or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. And to think that it was who made it. The product is so Paris Hilton, with matching gold chains. I don’t think it will be a good buy, unless your an heiress. Cute yes, but nothing more, even less.

I don’t know why the inventors are wasting their times doing this whilst there are more better ideas to be busy about. I mean better ideas to improve day to day living and not to look “cute” or “kawaii” among the streets.

Pardon me if you think they are amazing gadgets. But for me they are “crapgadgets”. They are creepy and nostalgic. To share my headache here are the Crap-Gadgets.

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