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The Use of Social Media: UK Has It Big Time

Written on July 30, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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One out of three adults in the UK says he cannot live without the web. Yes, it is true, web browsing is now the most favorite past-time in the state. Let the consolidated figures tell you the story.

has become a trusted source of information in the – a phenomenon that is no longer new. An insight into the online participations of the state in 2009 revealed large percentages of its people adhering to the social networking lifestyle. Halfway through 2010, the figures have shot up higher.

Eighty-five percent of UK’s 61 million people are online users. 64% owns accounts in a . Come to think of it, Facebook has 500 million users. 29.4 million have paid a visit to one of Facebook and its contemporary sites. Can someone start doing the Math here?

We have not mentioned yet the other data that one of Ireland’s and social media outfits, , has provided in its nice statistical video of Britain’s up-to-date social media facts. We believe these figures can reflect the growing consumption of online information all over the world. Communication via the web has risen up to the significance of the television in the mid-1900s. is now the platform one in three UK adults cannot live without. It can also be true in your place, wherever you are reading this from.

Make sure you do not miss the stats on this video. It has been nicely put up by the group.

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