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Top 5 Most Addictive Games on iPad

Written on July 31, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Warning: These games could be addictive.

Warning: These could be addictive.

For now, we are about to mention you the top 5 (five) most addictive e-games for that maximizes screen real estate with extensive graphics and break ground in hand held gaming sector. These games give you the satisfaction that is really an impressive game console than any other.

These games or apps will definitely cause severe heart tension (while ) and excitement. It will distrupt your time management and your relationships because it get so addicting you won’t miss a single minute .

  1. We Rule Gold!

We Rule is just like Farmville but without the Facebook account and for iPad obviously. Like all the games it starts with the ease free level one with the tutorials. As you progress you tackle challenging stages. Mostly serious and gets more addictive.

As we say that its like Farmville, you get to harvest crops, but efforts are the best keys to acquire experience points. Like most games leveling up lets you experience expanding your kingdom, unlock more farm patches, and grab the essentials like the shops, statues, plants rivers and roads all for the love of your kingdom.

This may sound so ordinary but believe me, designing your kingdom will spend most of your time. the frustrating part of this game is that you have to add a dragon’s lair or prison to you kingdom and being too broke to do that.

Just like farmville you can boast to everyone about your kingdom. You can invite friends and exchange items. Several days and you’re hooked up. You know when to harvest and get taxes.

  1. Angry Birds HD

Angry Birds you read it right. Everything in this game is amazing. this game and soon your dreams will be filled with squawking birds, and the taunting grins of those green pigs that just would not die.

Things begin easily: Starting with a few angry red birds that you sling at awaiting green pigs. The goal is to kill the pigs either by lampooning them with a bird dead-on, or craftily trying to topple bricks to crush them. In total, there are 105 different levels, each one more difficult than the last.

Beginner tips: Don’t play in front of friends or family because they will try to take the game away from you, sometimes the most obvious strategy is the right one, know your angles and learn the strengths of each bird type.

  1. God Finger

You play God. You are a deity with a commanding finger that can make people be your followers and you can put them into work for your planet.

The idea is to create a world with followers do you bidding. Earning gold, mana and awe plus let’s you level up and build better and more functional items to help you achieve three achievements.

You usually earn by placing followers on farms and barns. Used to buy new items in the stores. You will need mana for rain, sunshine, lightning and natural elements required for the planet you made. Earning mana is placing followers at your shine. Awe is a special element that you earn every time you level up, and you can use it at the Awe Store.

GodFinger like We Rule — is an Ngmoco game, so game play begins with a challenge-based . You level up based on the experience points you accrue through in-game actions. Pay attention to each task and prompt in the mode, as instructions include information that will become vital to the health of your planet and your followers.

Tips for ruling wisely: Wells and taverns are great for faster rejuvenation, gold that you don’t collect erodes, upgrade your shrine to generate mana faster, zoom out to visit neighboring planets and save your awe to buy cooler items in higher levels.

  1. Plants vs. Zombies

This is the most addictive game that I ever saw. Talk about the best. It is one of the most wonderful adventure game I ever liked. You may be a fan or not you will be victimized.

The ultimate goal? Stop the Zombies or make them eat your brains. The game will start with lame zombies that you will just laugh off. You will plant defenses like the pea shooter, wall nut and the cherry bomb. You will need the sunflowers and the sun rays. Those will be your “money” to buy plants and defend your lawn. As the level goes up zombies are getting more hard to kill. You will have to plan how to protect your lawn plants depend on the time of your level. It is harder to play during night levels since you don’t have free sun rays.

Tips to stay alive: Plant as many sunflowers as you can during the first few moments of each level, the double sunflower is a waste of money and space, always buy more slots for plants when you can and make sure you have at least one big attack plant for each level.

  1. Dizzy Pad HD

Frog leaping from lily pad to lily pad was so addicting? Who would have known?

The same way DoodleJump entertained you and frustrate players for like ages, the Dizzypad will give you the same addiction

The object of the game is to get the frog from one lily pad to the next, by carefully timing each leap so as not to land in the water and lose a life.

Unfortunately, this is one of those games that is deceptively simple: It will lure you in with its easy premise and then make you feel like a fool when you can’t beat your own high score.

Unlike most great games on the iPad, this one comes completely free of charge — but only if you’re fine with just playing the classic mode. If you’re anything like me, you’ll fork over the $1.99 (each) to add sliders, memory, and battle modes. They’re definitely worth the extra cash.

Pro tip for leapers: Learn to leapfrog as many lily pads as you can early on. For each lily pad you leapfrog, you earn an extra life. Those extra lives will come in handy as lily pads become harder to reach.

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