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Twitter Feeds Go Multimedia

Written on July 28, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Twitter takes its kind of microblogging to another level through a new feature. Find out how you can turn your feeds into a steady stream of multimedia.

Your stream of tweets is about to be essentially altered. A new setting in your account allows you to publish personal media directly to your feeds. Through you can share audio, images and videos on . This is definitely going to tweak your experience!

It is a wide-ranging setting that definitely adds to the entertainment value and personal usefulness of the fastest microblogging system on the face of . The setting, which is currently undergoing inline tests, can be adjusted based on your preference. It lets you choose how you want your files to be shared across the site:

“By default, you’ll only see images and videos shared by people you’re following, and reveal those by people you’re not. Check this box to see media from everyone on Twitter.”

Meantime, this feature has been disabled by Twitter. Stay tuned for the latest update on Tweet Media.

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