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15 Things that You Can Have for Free

Written on August 22, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Lots of money are wasted on things that we can have free. If you want less clutter and more money in your life, check out these 15 things that you shouldn't be paying for. Just like what the adage says: The best things in life are free.

If you’re into collecting stuff, this article may not be for you. Nonetheless, if you are wondering if there are stuffs that you can get for free, you may begin reading. There are 15 things in this article that you can get with minimum or free of charge after this skip.

1. Basic Computer Software – If you’re planning to buy a new computer, think carefully before diving on giant software brands. Just because they are popular doesn’t mean that they are the best. There are a lot of open wares that you can have that functions almost the same as the branded and expensive ones. Why not try to Google them, eh?

2. Report – Why sign for a report when you can have free monitoring services online? Just remember to cancel the service before the free trial ends.

3. Cell Phone – The service plan can be costly, but some major carriers can give you a free phone — or even a smartphone — with a two-year contract.

4. – Seriously, are you willing to pay a couple of dollars for a book that you can read in just one sitting? Walk to the library and search for your favorite paperbacks there.

5. – Besides your monthly bill, buying bottled is so over. Why shell out a dollar for every bottled you buy when there’s tap, filters and reusable bottle? It’s way cheaper and can help the environment.

6. Credit Card – There are lots of credit cards available in the market, so avoid the ones with annual fee. Skip it and pocket the money yourself.

7. Debt Reduction Help – If you want help with your debt, there are many free sources that you can turn to. Your credit problems cannot be wiped away in a snap, but there’s a debt reduction plan that you can handle. Why not start by paying a visit with National Foundation for Credit Counseling?

8. Basic Tax Preparation – Preparing your own tax return using free online services is now common for e-filing. Plus, you won’t even need a stamp.

9. The News – Not to sound like we abhor , but why not let the bloggers do their job? Just put your .50 cents in the coin and get your news online.

10. Budgeting Tools – Seriously, you pay for this? Why? Because you can’t manage your money on your own? Well, if you’re searching to win over some of your expenditures, there are many budgeting tools that do just that for free. And who cares how they do it?

11. Pets – There are many pets in your local animal center that can be as lovable as the pure-bred. You can have your pet home with minimal fee for basic shots and shelter care. Same love with less a fortune. Isn’t it awesome?

12. Shipping – If you like to buy online, take your merchant skills to the next level and search for coupons or promotion codes that offer free shipping.

13. Checking account – There are banks that have the nerve to charge you for the service of taking your money to lend it out. Yeah, big bluff! If your bank is just like that, close your account and move to many other depository that offers a free checking account.

14. Rentals – Most libraries have free rentals nowadays. But if in case your public library don’t have such service, go visit a RedBox location near you for $1 rental a night. Or better yet, use one of the coupon codes from to avoid the charge.

15. – Why pay for a gym membership when you can have a walk or a jog to the local park? Rent a work out DVD from the library and do basic push-ups and sit-ups in your living room. You can even download a free online workout program.

If you think we missed some great things that should be free, tell us by leaving a comment below.

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