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250GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360 S to Buy Separately

Written on August 03, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Selling the 250GB HDD for 250GB Xbox 360 S separately was just a secret. Then came the box shot of 4G Xbox 360 that revealed everything. What's with the hard drive and why would Microsoft do that?

250GB 360 S, supplied with 250GB hard drive, will be available to buy separately. The revelation came from a box shot of the upcoming 4GB 360. However, the new style hard drive is not yet on sale. But it will probably be when the 4G 360 hits the market next month. The new console, with 4GB internal memory, allows you to upgrade the hard drive space by slotting another one into a port found on the base. Though not officially disclosed by , selling of individual 250GB for Xbox 360 S is a predictable move. Hard drives supplied with older Xbox already made its way to the market. So the question here is, why keep it a secret when everything is now out in the open? Well  it’s because they are proprietary hard drive for consoles that’s worth a fortune.

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