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Android Dives Underwater with Google Earth

Written on August 24, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Android will definitely have a unique adventure not only on air and land but underwater as well.

It seems like will finally get a chance to meet Little Mermaid and have an under the sea adventure.

The recent blog of said Earth for Android will dive deep down into the sea and experience submarine variety. The latest 1.1 version of , Earth for Android, features the depth of the ocean and other terrestrial spaces of our planet’s surfaces.

Google’s first dive to adventure was last year. The giant search engine announced that it would be in partnership with to create a Street View of the Seas sort of.

Earlier 2010, those partnership came with Ocean Showcase, a new feature that highlighted surf spots, shipwrecks and marine research. This fantastic feature will have a full equipment for the underwater madness.

“For example,” writes Google product manager Jenifer Austin Foulkes, “check out the landscape and terrain in Monterery Bay Canyon, which is larger than the Grand Canyon, by zooming in on below the ocean surface just off the coast. Once underwater, you can use the ‘look around’ button to tilt the view and see the extent of this great undersea canyon.”

The version of Earth for Android is giving us the “Explore the Ocean” layer. Similar to what Ocean Showcase offers us. Showing hundreds of photos and videos from Google’s content partners.

If you are under (Android 2.2), be happy, because Google Earth supports Flash in balloons and giving you easy wheezy access to videos from the app. For the touch and click devices you can view the navigations by a two-finger access and change tyour view examining underwater, mountains and canons.

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