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Android Froyo has Landed

Written on August 05, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Are you a Sprint Evo 4G user? Then, Froyo will definitely make you smile.

4G user?  Today must be your lucky day. You can now upgrade your Android and be grateful.

According to Tweets and blogs, is now up fro grabs for some Android fanatics and will be coming on all users as well.

The release of Android 2.2 known to everyone as Froyo is hotly anticipated in the OS history. We first saw Froyo on Nexus One last July. But Galaxy S and some other phones won’t meet Froyo until Fall.

Froyo’s madness had been officially shone upon us on its May release at Google I/O. We saw the impeccable performance of the OS. It has a good relationship with Flash, gets music from any desktop library (yes also iTunes), offers a badger-free wireless connectivity for every devices, runs web and good old apps and automatically syncs desktop and mobile apps. What more can we ask from that OS?

Froyo with all its amazing and pretty features, surely is the next OS to look forward to. Let’s just say Froyo will eat apple on its release.

Verizon has told Users will get the OS this week, the date is still untold. Let everyone be jealous to those who have it.

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