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Angelina Jolie Takes the Spot Behind the Lens

Written on August 26, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Angelina Jolie has paid the Bosnian President a visit, helped alleviate the plight of Asian and African children, run after a multi-cultural set of siblings, and starred in box-office hit action reels, like the latest Salt. What else has she not done?

Write, produce and direct a movie. The 35-year-old actor crosses roles as she takes the spot behind the lens to tell a romantic story set in a war-stricken Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This shows an ascent in the award-winning actress’ career, as she leaves the acting to colleagues, especially fresh talents around the region. Her head-on take on the directorial challenge is laudable already to her fans and some critics.

The movie will chronicle the story of a Bosnian lass and a Serb commander against the backdrop of a 1990’s war. The UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador does not intend to infuse political elements in this movie. Her flick will not employ the dazzle of Hollywood’s special effects. The newest writer and director on the list, and company, will reportedly be working around a $15 million budget to bring what they found an interesting and storytelling-worthy romance from the Bosnian lands.

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