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Apple’s SVP : Kicked Out or Resigned?

Written on August 09, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Apple's SVP for Devices Hardware Engineering stepped out of his post. Does the iPhone antenna problem has something to do with it?

Breaking news makes us read the article one more time. Especially if the new comes from .  The SVP for Devices Hardware Engineering, , who brought us the hardware, has left Apple.

Yes, you read it right. After working for 4 years and 4 months, he stepped out of the corporation that brought us iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Surprisingly, he walked out after the recent antenna problems and thought he can’t work it out. According to New York Times, Bob Mansfield, SVP of Engineering will be the one to replace . As of the present time, there are still no words on why he let go of the position. Whether he was kicked by Apple or left on his own will, we can only guess. He maybe the iPhone 4 engineer but his background is more on processor design than anything else. His biography was removed from Apple’s website, and what’s that suppose to mean?

Sources are saying that Papermaster was the guy liable “on the antenna problems”. And he is still commenting nothing on this. Let’s just wait for the update.

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