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AT&T and ‘The Switch’ Joins iAd

Written on August 24, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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The iAd is the next marketing tool for movie and data carriers! AT&T just came out live on iAd with its new Data Plus campaigns, plus tools that can help users to decide. Speaking of "decide," iAd for The Switch can help you realize what parenting really means.

Due to Apple’s tight control over the development process, roll-out of ads had been slow. However, it is noted that there will be more high-profile ads that will be coming in the future. But to start the rotation, Apple’s US iPhone partner and Jason Bateman and Jennifer Anniston’s movie “” joined the iAd! The two newest iAds that just gone live focuses on their promotional offerings.

First on the list is the AT&T. The AT&T ad talks about its new Data Plus plan that can cost $ 15 per month, with the tag line “Now your entire family can afford the mobile internet.” It outlines the carrier’s Data Plus ($ 15/200MB) and Data Pro ($ 25/2GB) plans, plus estimates and tools that can help users decide which plans would be right for them. The company’s new campaign also give spotlight to its Wi-Fi hotspots that are available to their cellular data customers for free.

Next is the iAd for “The Switch” that offers tools that can help viewers find nearby theaters showing the film, photo gallery, character bios, trailers and commercials. It also pitched in a “quiz” that tells whether users are ready to become parents. The ad also highlights a mini-game called “Build a Baby,” where users are allowed to assemble an infant from various combinations of hairs, eyes and mouth. What’s good is that the resulting image can be saved in the user’s Camera Roll folders.

If you have access to iAd, what can you say about AT&T and The Switch’s advertisement? Campaigns from what company or industry are you waiting to go live on iAd?

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