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Avoiding Friend Spam on Facebook

Written on August 31, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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With Facebook on the top of the echelon, it's no wonder why many spammers get online connection on the social network. You may have one friendly spammer on your account, so beware.

Because is so popular, it’s a no-brainer that are just lurking inside the network for your online friendship. Read on to get some tips on how to avoid friend spam on .

1. See your friend’s recent activity. When you receive a friend’s request, and you’re not sure if it’s for real, check the person’s recent activity first. If they’ve added an excessive amount of friends just a few days back, there’s a big chance that the person on the other end is a spammer.

2. See your common friends. Facebook helps you out in letting you know who else is friends with somebody else. If your friend approved a request from someone you don’t know, send them a message first to find out who’s asking for your permission. Perhaps, your friend can give a background information, or they just added him or her by chance.

3. Suggested friends out of nowhere. Facebook’s “People You May Know” is a way of identifying some worthwhile friends. While it is accurate half of the time, the other half is just inevitably a friend who’s really a spam. Be sure to check people you may really know, before adding them.

4. Your actual friend with fake account. Though it is less common, some spammers have re-purposed a real person’s data into a . Whenever you receive a request from a friend, find out first if something is a bit off. If you are wary, you can send a message to check if it’s really them.

5. Validate your identity with . mysafeFriend is a Facebook app that enables you to authenticate your identity. Though they can’t really know, it is still a secure way of proving your identification. Just add the app on your Facebook, click “Validate Your Identity Now,” and go through the first three levels. But of course, this can be cumbersome on your part, and this is definitely used for extreme measures.

If you have more tips on how to avoid friend on Facebook, let’s hear them in the comments.

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