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Beware: Free iPad Scam on Twitter and Facebook

Written on August 28, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Scammers can't get enough of us. And now the "Free iPad" Scam is on Facebook and Twitter.

Ever encounter a message from a fellow friend on or saying you can have a ? Well if you have, then your friends are the fallen victims of this scam. These people are spreading online disease through hacked accounts.

Twitter’s security account posted this recently :

“If you’ve received a message promising you a new iPad, not only is there no iPad, but also your friends have been hacked.” Twitter also said it will be “sending out password resets to hacked individuals.”

The scam is also seen on Facebook but has affected small numbers as of the moment. The moment is close to this:

“u have to check out this website its glitchin right now and sending out ipads to everyone for free!”

This post contains a link. You are directed to a website that tries to catch your personal information from the unsuspecting and innocent person meaning, YOU. You shouldn’t follow this link and as always do not give away personal information to something not advertised by Facebook itself.

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