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Big Bear Solar Observatory Captures Clear Image of a Sunspot

Written on August 31, 2010 by R. Depp

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Brace yourself to the most detailed photo of a sunspot snapped using Big Bear’s New Solar Telescope (NST).

Using their adaptive optics array, researchers from captured the most detailed image of a . The new instrument used by the research institution is called Big Bear’s New Solar Telescope (NST). It has a resolution of 50 miles on the surface of the sun.

The NST is the first machine to be built which will be followed by () in the next decade. Given this ample time, researchers from Big Bear can also build multi-conjugate adaptive optics which can produce clear and sharp observations of the sun from our planet.

For now, the NST will be used to gather data about solar phenomena like this sunspot. These data will help researchers understand the characteristics of solar weather and its impact to the solar system.

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