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Block Anyone on Facebook EXCEPT Mark Zuckerberg

Written on August 23, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Block whoever you want to block except the CEO.

He is the CEO and we cannot block him. You can block anyone on , but not because he owns the company. We tried to block the big guy and to our surprise we can’t. A window prompt always pops out saying :

“General Block failed error: Block failed.”

We are amazed and quite impressed. We personally like Zuckerberg’s brilliant ideas and all. Especially the 2005 business card that says “I’m CEO…Bitch.” We find it funny and we forgive the engineers of Facebook for the confidential user data leisure time.

But we do hope that Zuckerberg will develop more mature apps and more mature features. Because as we see it Facebook grows its quantity but the quality for adults is still slow. The social network site  should be at least growing up too, right?

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