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Blu-ray Says, “May the Force be with You…”

Written on August 16, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Starwars fanatics should rejoice. Marking the 35th anniversary of Star Wars, George Lucas announced the released of a Blu-ray disc collection HD of the movie.

Star Wars, the legendary saga that had hit the hearts of men and women of all ages, will descend upon us on 2011.

George Lucas had already announced that Star Wars films had also hit the HD home theater. Yes, we can take home the Star Wars into our very own homes. Because on fall next year, the will be up for grabs. The set will also include a bonus, a Special Edition remastered version of the saga.

The announcement was made at the Star Wars Celebration V. It is an official convention for the movies and their properties. The 2011 release of the Star Wars films on is the mark of their 35th anniversary as with the Episode IV : , the first Star Wars film. The disc also include interviews, deleted scenes, outtakes, documentaries, and footages unique to the new set.

The Star Wars Blu-ray edition is one of the much awaited products of the fans of the trilogy. Finally, they can experience the force in their own roofs. But fanatics will be less than pleased that the Special Editions are the only versions of the original film.

Lucas explains: ” The original theatrical editions would cost too much to convert to the high definition format. Much of the needed work was already done for the Special Edition remasters. Will you be buying Star Wars on Blu-ray, or will you skip it and watch the 3-minute Lego Version instead? “

Well, let’s wait and see when we can truly utter the words ‘May the Force be with You.’

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