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Boxee Beta Gets a Movie Library

Written on August 28, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Enjoy a handful of films to watch online for FREE with the help of Boxee! You can grab a movie from EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI or Openfilm. Get a chance to feast your eyes with hard-to-find flicks that won't surely be out in the cinemas, or get your favorite documentaries and short films queue.

Since its launch last January, users of Boxee Beta have been vocal about their love for the TV Show Library. Today, Boxee added a to complement its TV Show Library, and it includes a handful of films from its partners: , Indie Movies Online, and . The Movie Library makes it easy to find, watch or in-line films that you like. Though it is still in beta and rough with 100 bugs to fix, you can have a quick peek at what you can get from each provider:

1. EZTakes: EZTakes specializes in bringing hard-to-find movies to you. Their library contains almost a thousand ad-supported titles that you can watch on Boxee or in any computer, smartphone or portable video player.

2. IndieMoviesOnline: Known for its fierce movie reviews and behind-the-scenes editorials, IndieMoviesOnline delivers high quality films from both mainstream and up-and-comers talent.

3. MUBI: MUBI is a social network that can be your online cinema, anytime, anywhere. It can help you find a virtual treasure that will definitely not be released in the local multiplex. However, to get access on MUBI, you’ll need to pair your account first.

4. Openfilm: is a fast-growing online community that unites the key elements of the film industry in one venue.

Versions for , , and are now available, while the version will be updated next week. Have you downloaded your own already? Share us your findings by dropping a comment.

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