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D-I-Y Road Popper

Written on August 10, 2010 by R. Depp

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Quench your thirst even when you’re on the road.

is becoming the favorite sports of many people. The benefits: provides physical activity, environment-friendly, decreased traffic congestion and gives chance to travel special paths. But biking on long distances requires agility and endurance beyond the normal limit. And to rejuvenate your body, all you need is a drink to quench your thirst.

We present to you a unique and creative do-it-yourself . The bottle opener is installed on the rail beneath the bicycle seat. You can use bronze infused with stainless steel bottle opener. Just a word of advice, this is not intended for alcoholic beverages. A big ‘no’ to buzz driving.

To install your own road popper, you’ll need:

2 – 3/8” long #6 flat head (countersunk) screws
2 – Nylon locknuts
1 – Screwdriver
1 – Needle nose pliers

This suits conventional saddles but to be sure if your seat falls under the standard diameter, give it a measure.The rails should be 7 mm’s (0.275 inch) in diameter and roughly 44mm’s (1.73 inch) apart.  At least 228mm’s (9”) of space between the underside of your seat and your tire. It’s 9mm’s (3/8”) of open rail behind where the seat attaches to the seat post.

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