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Dell Computer Revenue Increases this 2nd Quarter

Written on August 20, 2010 by R. Depp

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The computer company is feeling the good vibes as it enjoys its huge earnings.

For its fiscal second quarter, Computers reported an increase of 15.5%. The positive trend was the result of the higher demand for servers, networking systems, storage and other services worldwide. The company’s total revenue is up by 22%. It was more than what experts expected.

According to Thomson Reuters, Dell can still adjust its earnings to 30 cents per share. Based on the records, the computer maker earned $545 million which is equal to 28 cents per share. This was four cents up from the previous year. However, Dell remains to be on the second spot in computer producing industry; Helwett-Packard being the first.

Chairman and CEO said in a statement:

“We continue to strengthen our portfolio of data-center solutions at an aggressive pace, with the addition of key IP, talent and technology,” . “This quarter’s results are a strong reflection of the progress we’ve made, and we remain very focused on delivering the best possible solutions and services to meet our customers’ IT needs.”

The company foresees that the corporate demand for client and enterprise system will continue to drive the demand for the next coming quarters. Plus, Dell is depending on seasonal improvements from federal government sales and other private companies this third quarter.

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