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Digsby Now Supports Group Chat

Written on August 08, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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At long last, Digsby has thought of adding Group Chat to its features. Now, users can enjoy talking to a lot of people at once. But that's not all! There's the new LinkedIn and MySpace API that you can use to like or dislike comments or stream. Digsby is really building up its interface.

A long over due group chat support feature is now included in the new version of . The update also includes an overhauled interface and ’s like/dislike. The Social IM Client is taking advantage of LinkedIn’s revamped . This allow users to comment and “like” status updates. The interface, on the other hand, adds “Like!” and “Dislike!” buttons in the stream. It’s a workaround Digsby has to do though, since ’s API doesn’t support liking or disliking.

The biggest change of the IM Client, by a mile, is the Group Chat. Users can start mass conversation in AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Instant Messenger, MSN and Jabber. Just click the list button at the top of the IM window, or just hit “New Group Chat” in the menu. After succeeding to gain one million users last year, Digsby has been hyping up it social media integration by creating a client and supporting , LinkedIn and MySpace.

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