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Drag and Drop on Google Mail

Written on August 04, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Google makes life easier with the drag-and-drop function on Gmail.

saves the day! Saving file attachments from your e-mail had been tiresome for lazy bones out there. But with Gmail? We’re happy as a bee because it’s hassle-free.

Google has added a new feature to Gmail that lets you drag-and-drop attachments to your desktop. If you click on the Download link for your attachment you’ll see the new text prompting the “drag the file to desktop” instead of downloading the attachment. Cool, isn’t?

We tried the new feature and yes it’s good. Its easy to use. The glitch is, it’s only available to .

Google started adding drag-and-drop last April. A month after, it can also be used on images as well. Thumbs up Google!

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