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Facebook Overhauls its App for Android

Written on August 04, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Facebook has recast its mobile application for the Android OS, embedding features that once eluded the world's second most in-demand operating system. Cannot keep your curiosity anymore? Read on.

The app for arguably the top social media in the world did not have these features before: a home screen that displays messages, notifications and friend requests distinctively; a slide-up bar for notifications at the bottom of the screen; and slides you can scroll sideways to view your friends’ recently uploaded images. Now, they make navigation less stiff and more explorer-friendly.

Trailing along the good news section is the added capability of clicking through to a post, link, photo or whatnot without being redirected to Facebook’s mobile touch site. You can check out any link’s content by using your device’s browser. Normal Facebook activities such as viewing a video or responding to a message can also be done now within the app.

The all-new interface makes liking, searching and uploading mobile photos a single-tap process, which adds up to the fun. Just one glitch that Facebook should fix at once is the notification button’s tendency to redirect to the mobile touch site. All in all, the upgrades are commendable since Android has never gained this kind of attention regarding Facebook’s mobile app before. The team who made this has gotten rid of the frills, and that is what we expect from Facebook after all–frill-free features for our Android.

By the way, you can look for “Facebook” from the if the update is not showing in your notifications.

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