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Facebook Photo Browsing Made Easier

Written on August 12, 2010 by B Waldorf

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One page, thousand photos: the new feature of Facebook photo albums.

Thank you ! Well it seems that values its 5 Million Users because they are making the better.

Facebook are now offering us bigger photos and a single page full of the album’s content. A way much easier than the previous browsing.

Before, photo albums wore organized pages with 20 photos each page. Even though it is more organized, clicking next is annoying and tiresome. The different photo sizes made the albums little bit messy. But now, we’re loving every bit of it.

The newest changes focused on the cleaning the Facebook photo albums for the past weeks. Now you can browse photos and just scroll down for the whole content. The photos are also enlarged and standardized making photo browsing delightful.

The new interface is a push by Facebook to upgrade photos, they also included face detection technology, increased the maximum size of a photo to 720 pixels and more to come. This feature was a result of Facebook’s acquisition of group photo sharing .

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