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Facebook Opens its Places API to Developers

Written on August 22, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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It's one big "Yes" to some developers as the API for facebook is now open for private beta. But, seriously, when will Facabook Places be open to its users? Do you have any idea how are you going to use this new apps?

opened its Places Read API to developers as of 2:00 pm today. The Read API will scratch ’s data so that it can access a user’s check-ins. A user will be able to snatch up all check-ins made with Places and Places-enabled apps. The social media have its fingers crossed that this new application will hype up real-time outdoor experiences. A check-in data is also accessible from particular Places and Pages. However, they are only making the Write and Search APIs available in private beta with selected partners. But according to engineer, Ben Gertzfield, access to these APIs will be available in the next few months. A simple caution from Gertzfield to the developers though: All access to the Grid APIs location information respect’s user privacy control.

How does the new API works? To make the long documentation short, the Places data will be available through the Graph API. It contains objects that is represented by a check-in ID that is also tied to a specific location. But for in-depth understanding, you can check out the Graph documentation. For sure, these new feature from Facebook will harness the incredible power of knowing your friend’s location in real-time interestingly. In fact, even known brands can make the most out of it. How about you? What do you think is the best way to use the Places Read API?

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