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Facebook Places- Threat to Privacy?

Written on August 26, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Many have commented about privacy issue on Facebook before but when you use Facebook, do you really care about your privacy?

The launch of caused many critics to raise an eyebrow. The idea was to alert friends of users where they are in real time. These will also post information on the location itself.

The critics saw the flaw of the settings. First and foremost you can tag your friends even if they don’t happen to be there. The News Feed will take note of the activities in the said place. To critics, this is over sharing and we should specify the privacy setting of our accounts.

This wasn’t the first time received a criticism on privacy. In fact ’s problems were stretch back to its founding when Harvard sophomore hacked the school’s network to get pictures of the students. It masked the platform of this invention.

But who cares about privacy when you use Facebook?

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