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Facebook’s Platmobile Team will Improve Your Mobile Experience

Written on August 27, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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According to Mark Zuckerberg, mobile experience is different, making instant personalization to vary too. Still, the general trend is to lessen the friction to all of your mobile apps with different privileges. Good thing, Platmobile (no, not Batmobile), is here to ease your mobile personalization experience.

held a State of the Union-like event for third-party developers earlier this evening. In the garage event, they announced their partnership with YCombinator, plus a Q&A session with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, CTO Bret Taylor, and Paul Graham of YCombinator. One question was raised: is working on their technology for mobile devices? The CTO fielded the question and noted that there are some interesting problems brought by with this regard. And the issue Taylor is talking about is the in mobile devices.

According to the CTO, it is something that the entire team is focusing on now. Though the team’s name, (platform + mobile), sounds like a joke, their aim is very serious. Many people use a three-letter password on their services to make things fast and simple. However, it is not an ideal thing to do. But a longer password, with weird characters included, can be a drawback in the user’s part. That is why the team intends to improve that kind of experience. Though there’s no definite timeline yet, it is something that they are really focused now as the user experience on the phone is currently sub-par.

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