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Firefox 4 Beta 3 Now Available

Written on August 12, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Mozilla just released a new beta for Firefox 4 and they need your help. Share the news with your friends and tell them how cool and crisp the graphics are, and be amazed with multi-touch browsing using the Beta 3.

The newest update of 4 is now available for download  and testing in more than 30 languages. This update features a support for Windows 7 and new values for faster and smoother graphics. The beta includes a Feedback Add-on with Lab Test Pilot, which will ask users to participate in anonymous studies. However, this setting is manageable. Users can opt-out some, if not all, studies. This feature will be used by for improving future beta releases.

The multi-touch support for Windows 7 will enable people to interact with the web content using their hands. This capabilities can be used by developers to empower touch-enabled devices and give people with fun browsing experience. Another is the new JavaScript values. The new C++ representation of JavaScript enables the browser to execute heavy, numeric code more efficiently. This is used to produce smooth, streamlined graphics in modern Web applications.

If you are already testing the latest update, tell us your findings by leaving a comment.

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