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Five Apps to Put Your Online Life in Order

Written on August 06, 2010 by R. Depp

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Do you have a messy online life? Now it's the time to get organized.

We all have the same problem. Hundreds of tabs opened on our browsers and we can’t even keep up with all of them. We know for the fact that the Internet benefits us in so many ways but it’s just too much information sometimes. There are hundreds of sources opening before our eyes and we start to lose our concentration which affects our work. Lucky for us, there are also many tools available to simplify our online life. These applications are designed to help us declutter our browsers and be more productive at work.

This application serves as a central location for the RSS feeds of the sites where you subscribed to. Some people keep a decent 20 to 30 feeds but when its 700 feeds bombarding you, better seek the help of Google Reader. It saves time and effort plus you can also enjoy hand-picked articles that suit your interest.

This application works well for heavy social network users. Tweetdeck requires Adobe Air and places all the notifications from various social networks in one place. It collects updates from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, MySpace and Google Buzz. You don’t have to refresh this app from time to time. It automatically gives the latest updates on what’s hot on the social network scene.

Marco Arment, the same guy who brought us Tumblr, came up with this simple way to gather online articles you who want to read once you have time. All you need to do is install a bookmark called “Read Later”. It instantly collects articles which spark you interest. What’s more is its integration with iPhone and iPad allows you to read even when you’re on the go. Instapaper web version is free while the Pro version is up for $9.99.

Formerly known as, this application is the opposite of Instapaper. Delicious aims for the tags to organize your bookmarks. You can subscribe to an RSS feed to keep you updated with your searches.


Readability does not only save an online article, it get rids of the ads and other distractions that come with the writing. All it entails is just a click on a small bookmarklet which puts the focus on the text alone. Additionally, ’s Safari has a ‘Reader’ button that does more what the Readability can do: it can detect if the article is a multi page and puts them in just a single page.

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